2022 State of Georgia Ballot Initiatives

A comprehensive run down of the two constitutional amendments, and the two statewide referendums on the Georgia 2022 Midterm ballots.
  • (03:50) - Georgia Amendment 1, Suspend Compensation for Assembly Members and Public Officials Indicted for a Felony Measure (2022)
  • (10:00) - Georgia Amendment 2, Temporary Property Tax Change for Disaster Areas Measure (2022)
  • (12:45) - Georgia Referendum A, Timber Equipment Exempt from Property Taxes Measure (2022)
  • (18:45) - Georgia Referendum B, Merged Family-Owned Farms and Dairy and Eggs Tax Exemption Measure (2022)
  • (22:10) - End of show

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Donovan Adkisson
Donovan Adkisson
Host of SouthGeek, DDP, and Don Talk | Donovan Adkisson is a published author and Internet broadcaster from South Georgia with over thirty years of experience in the technology fields of computer networking, digital telephone systems and broadband communications. He is the owner of SouthTech Network Solutions, LLC.
2022 State of Georgia Ballot Initiatives

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