2022 Comes to an End

The origin of the ball drop, Georgia laws effective 1/01/2023, Georgia Marijuana Laws, and Tifton's Gnat Drop
As 2022 comes to an end (and the annual ball drop in New York is almost upon us), let's discover the origins of the ball drop.  Also, most laws in Georgia become effective on July 1, but some are delayed until the beginning of the new year.  Here's a list of laws that become effective in Georgia on January 1, 2023.  Rounding out the podcast is on Georgia's marijuana laws and the answer to the Fact or Fib question - has the ball dropped in Times Square every year since 1907?  Be sure to listen to the end of the podcast for the answer.

These new Georgia laws go into effect in 2023 (fox5atlanta.com)
Marijuana, edibles legal in GA? Everything you need to know (savannahnow.com)

  • (00:04) - Time Balls
  • (03:00) - New Laws Effective 1/01/2023
  • (07:10) - Georgia Marijuana Laws
  • (10:36) - Fact or Fib Answer
  • (11:36) - Tifton Gnat Drop Info

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Donovan Adkisson
Donovan Adkisson
Host of SouthGeek, DDP, and Don Talk | Donovan Adkisson is a published author and Internet broadcaster from South Georgia with over thirty years of experience in the technology fields of computer networking, digital telephone systems and broadband communications. He is the owner of SouthTech Network Solutions, LLC.
2022 Comes to an End

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